When you get married you are at the beginning of a new story. A story about happiness and tears. High expectations. And hope for a bright future. It is your story and it must be told to be passed on to generations to come.

Of course, you can ask that one uncle with his new video camera for a flashy report, but the chance to perfectly capture your wedding day is a one-time one. Only a professional can give the guarantee in advance that it will be good. A guarantee that you can really rely on when you get married.

Foto uit de trouwfilm van Femke & Jasper


The scenario is on paper, the champagne is chilled and the caterer is all set. You, as protagonists and directors, determine what happens on this special day: the setting, sets and music, the countless extras. And as a videographer, I am sharply focused on capturing your wedding day as perfectly as possible.

My name is Dominick Vertoep and I have a passion for wedding films. How come? I think the atmosphere and emotions during such a day are great to experience. The unique properties of film is that you can capture both images and sound. This together gives the opportunity to really capture the feeling of the day. This is what makes me so excited every time. And you can count on seeing that enthusiasm reflected in your wedding film.

When I make a wedding film, I make sure that you as a couple are central. This is going to be the day you've dreamed about and lived towards and that deserves to be portrayed as a document for life.

A smile, a tear and an 'aah moment'.. what exactly is that? A smile is the joy, a tear is the emotional and an 'aah moment' is the personal. These are my 3 goals to record as a wedding videographer.

Trouwfilm ervaring van Amber & Remon
Amber & Remon
Hollandscheveld / Nieuwelande, 2019

In the beginning we doubted whether a wedding film was something for us, but when we saw you doing it on our wedding day, we already knew that we had made the right choice. You took every moment and thought along very flexibly. And the wedding film itself: Waawh! how beautiful turned out!

Trouwfilm ervaring van Roselien & Henk
Roselien & Henk
Rottevalle, 2018

So beautiful! We both really wanted a wedding film and looked around a lot and your portfolio appealed to us the most and we are very happy that we chose you! The wedding film is also extra beautiful because of the drone images!

Trouwfilm ervaring van Celista & Joran
Celista & Joran
Geldermalsen, 2018

Thank you for the super beautiful wedding film Dominick!😍 We watched it with the whole family and will watch it many more times!

Trouwfilm ervaring van Hannie & Rik uit Almelo
Hannie & Rik
Almelo, 2018

heeey!! The wedding movie is really beautiful!!! Watched it with my family and they all love it, thank you so much again we are really happy with it!!!`

Trouwfilm ervaring van Saskia & Thijs uit Elburg
Saskia & Thijs
Nijkerk, 2020

Wow! Really super cool. 😀 Looking back at a very successful day, get the jitters right away 😍

Trouwfilm ervaring van Jacquelien & Niek uit Rijssen
Jacquelien & Niek
Rijssen, 2019

Tears in our eyes.. That's what happened when we watched the wedding video. The drone shots really finish it off. We definitely recommend you!

Trouwfilm ervaring van Nadine & Anton uit Rhoon
Nadine & Anton
Rhoon, 2019

"Dominick what a wonderful film you have made for us, the day would not have been the same without you... We were really looking forward to seeing the images, to relive the day, it touched me deeply as the day moved me..."

Trouwfilm ervaring van Lisette & Richard
Lisette & Richard
Nijkerk, 2020

Super cool! 😍 The wedding film turned out very beautiful and we are super happy! What a beautiful drone shots on the beach!

Trouwfilm ervaring van Manon & Ramon uit Nijverdal
Manon & Ramon
Nijverdal, 2018

Can still watch it every day. If anyone needs a videographer, I will definitely recommend you!!

Trouwfilm ervaring van Jose & Johan uit Coevorden
Jose & Johan
Coevorden, 2018

We are super happy with it! The drone footage of the bus, our opening dance and also the extra footage you made of us in the park. The wedding movie is everything we hoped it was. Thank you!


How do you become a videographer? For me it started when I was seven years old and got my hands on my father's Sony VHS camcorder.

The interest, once aroused, was always there and after the film club at secondary school I went to study International Media & Management in The Hague.

During my studies I followed workshops at the Rutger Hauer Filmfactory and did an internship at Jerry Bruckheimer Films (producer of, among others, Top Gun, CSI and the Pirates of the Caribbean series) in Hollywood and Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (including Nova Zembla and New Kids) in Amsterdam.

In addition, I was jointly responsible for the production of information-oriented videos for the ROC van Twente and various companies in the Netherlands, political promotional videos for national television (Staten Generaal der Tweede Kamer, The Hague). My further activities included producing informative videos (including webinars) for legal practice, videos for real estate agents in the Netherlands and Spain and various other projects for large and small companies at home and abroad.

videograaf Dominick filmt op bruiloft


"If you are curious about examples of my work, you can watch trailers of wedding films that I have made in recent years. A trailer is a short summary of a wedding film that I share after 1-2 weeks via Youtube and Facebook. A wedding film trailer is included with every package and can easily be shared with family, friends and acquaintances. For the record: a wedding film is so personal that I never share it with anyone other than the couple involved. For all trailers on this website permission has been granted by the couples involved.


"Wat gaat onze trouwfilm kosten, Dominick?" en "Hoe lang ben je op onze bruiloft aanwezig?" Twee willekeurige voorbeelden van vragen die ik regelmatig krijg en mijn antwoord is simpel: wat willen jullie? Elke bruiloft is unique and every couple's needs are different. That is why I coordinate the prices, times and options with you so that it becomes your wedding film in all respects. To make it easier, I have put together packages that make it possible to determine the atmosphere, style and length of the wedding film yourself. Below is an overview of the different packages, whereby it is always possible to add extra wishes in consultation.

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Kosten trouwfilm highlight pakket.

1. Highlight weddingfilm

The Highlight wedding film can be considered a kind of 'Greatest Hits' collection of the best wedding images. A mix of the most beautiful moments, in combination with a dynamic montage and story line, make the Highlight package a great choice for a 3-5 minute wedding film.

Present: 9 am
Movie duration: 3-5 minutes
Includes drone footage: yes
Price: on demand

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Kosten trouwfilm cinema pakket

2. Cinema weddingfilm

A cinematic wedding film feels like a visit to the cinema. By using a rich, expansive film style, the cinema wedding video offers an impressive look back at your wedding. In the editing, the best images are selected and concatenated into a wedding film of 9-12 minutes.

Present: 11 am
Movie duration: 9-12 minutes
Including drone recordings: yes
Price: on demand

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Kosten trouwfilm feature pakket

3. Feature weddingfilm

The Feature wedding film is ideal to record your wedding day chronologically. I use a reporting style that switches to broad, cinematographic shots at the right moments. My 12 hour presence eventually translates into a perfectly streamlined wedding film of about 20 minutes.

Present: 12 hours
Movie duration: 20 minutes
Including drone recordings: yes
Price: on demand

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Extra option: Lovestory

The Lovestory option is ideally suited to record an engagement video, for example. You determine the location and the subjects and I record your story. This creates a unique time document of your relationship at that moment, which can form a beautiful intro of 3 to 4 minutes for a later wedding film.

Extra option: Same Day Edit

The Same Day Edit is a short cinematic summary of 2 to 3 minutes that makes it possible to preview the images taken during the wedding day.

Extra option: Ceremony

Ceremony is about mounting the wedding ceremony. The ceremony will be a standalone video that will be included as an addition to the wedding film.


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Before you decide, you want to know more about the prices and my availability on a certain date. This can be done by telephone or via a conference call, but in my experience such matters are much better discussed in a personal meeting.

This is possible at the office, at your home, but also informally on a terrace in the sun. You can contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp. I will respond as soon as possible.

Handtekening Dominick

Dominick Verstoep, videographer

Cell phone: +316-22654478

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