Destination Wedding Film

A wedding film tells the story of two individuals becoming one

You are standing at the beginning of a new story; a story filled with tears, hapiness, expectation and hope. I believe this stories should cherished and told to generations to come. A wedding is more than just moment, so also should be your wedding film!

Story is key for me as a wedding filmmaker. Capturing the story of two people becoming one in a way that truly reflects both personalities. This is my fundamental believe.

Telling your story in the way you want is what I do. I focus on true emotions and the moments that are important to you after a year ánd after ten years. The proud look on your father's face when he sees his daughter for the first time, the memories your friends share when they tell you how important your friendship is to them, the tear you couldn't hold back anymore when your fiance shares his or her vows. This are the moments worth sharing to generations to come.

Hi! I'm Dominick. From VHS video to Hollywood to wedding movies.

My passion started when I was 7 years old and my father's Sony VHS camcorder had to work overtime due to my frequent usage. After being an active member of the film club at secondary school, I studied International Media Management in The Hague.

During my studies, I participated in the Rutger Hauer Filmfactory and did an internship at Jerry Bruckheimer Films (producer of Pirates of the Caribbean) in Hollywood and Eyeworks Film & TV Drama in Amsterdam.

My passion for wedding films comes from being able to capture pure emotion. Your special day, which you have been dreaming about for so long, to be recorded in your personal and unique way!

A really good wedding film

gives you the chance relive your wedding as often as you want! My type of wedding video is recognizable because it is personal, creative and professional. When I make a wedding film, I make sure it's personal; because it's your day, a day that you've designed together, lived towards and probably both were a little nervous about.

I use high quality cameras, which film in cinema-style, and combine this with modern film techniques. I think this is very important, because a wedding video is there to relive your wedding and enjoy it again, not only 1 year after your wedding, but after 10 years as well.

I also find it important that a wedding film is creative; a creative wedding video that captures your day in your own way and that it is timeless. Finally, I can truly say that I am a professional filmer. Through extensive experience with videography, weddings, editing and my equipment (which is fully tuned to weddings) I can work both invisibly and effectively. This allows me to capture personal moments without bothering you or the wedding photographer.

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