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Destination Wedding Film

A wedding film tells the story of two individuals becoming one.

9+ years
Best wedding videographer 2021/2022 'Top Trouwbedrijven'

You are standing at the beginning of a new story; a story filled with tears, happiness, expectation and hope. I believe this story should be cherished and told to generations to come. A wedding is more than just moment, so your wedding film should be too!

For me as a wedding filmmaker; story is key! Capturing the story of two people becoming one in a way that truly reflects both personalities. This is my fundamental believe.


Telling your story in the way you want is what I do. I focus on true emotions and the moments that are important to you after a year ánd after ten years. The proud look on your father's face when he sees his daughter/son for the first time, the memories your friends share when they tell you how important your friendship is to them, the tear you couldn't hold back anymore when your fiancé shares his or her vows. This are the moments worth sharing to generations to come.

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A wedding film with a smile, a tear and an 'aah moment' is my goal when I film your wedding. A smile is the joy because you celebrate love, the tear is the emotional moment (or moments) that will undoubtedly happen and the 'aah moment' are the beautiful moments that are there at your wedding but you don't always fully comprehend yourself until you watch the wedding film .

A film of your wedding captures your story. The story of two people who choose each other and come together. The story of your love is the common thread in the wedding film. Your story is the red thread to your wedding film.

Watch pure wedding movie trailers and hear what some newlywed couples say about me.

It is of course very important that you have a good feeling with me as your wedding film maker. View the experiences of a few couples who have made their wedding film through me.

01. Hylkje + Sjoerd
03. Laura ♡ Rob
02. Marthe ♡ Alexandre
04. Renee ♡ Stefan

A small introduction about me and the style of wedding film I make.

My passion started when I was 7 years old and my father's Sony VHS camcorder had to die. After high school film club I studied International Media Management in The Hague.

During my studies I participated in the Rutger Hauer Filmfactory and did an internship at Jerry Bruckheimer Films (producer of Pirates of the Caribbean, among others) in Hollywood and Eyeworks Film & TV Drama in Amsterdam.

My passion for wedding filming comes from capturing pure emotion. Capturing your special day, which you have been dreaming about for so long, as your wedding videographer, in your personal and unique way!

As a wedding videographer, my style of wedding video can be recognized because it is personal, creative and professional. When I do a wedding film I make sure it's personal because it's your day, a day you've designed together, lived towards and probably both of you were a little nervous about.

I use high quality cameras, filming in cinema style, and combine this with modern film techniques. I think this is very important because a wedding video is there to relive and enjoy your wedding again. Both 1 year after your wedding and after 10 years.

In addition, I think it is important that I am creative as a wedding videographer. A creative wedding video that captures your day in your own way and is timeless. Finally, I work professionally, through extensive experience with videography, weddings, editing and my equipment (which is fully tailored to weddings) I can work both invisible and effective. This allows me to capture the personal moments without bothering you.

Dominick Verstoep Filmmaker met 2CV
I drive my refurbished 2CV every day, including to every wedding.
Prijswinnend Top Trouwvideograaf 2021/2022
Photo with Frits Sissing when I received the award of 'top wedding videographer 2021-2022'.

What customers say about me

Read some lovely words couples shared about me.

In our preparation we certainly wanted a videographer, interspersed with video and drone footage, so google it. Soon we ended up with Dominick. It immediately felt okay, so we set up a teams call. Although we had our own ideas, Dominick immediately had very good pointers about things that we had not really thought about at all. On the day itself, Dominick was strict on time and in terms of interaction it immediately felt like a friend rather than 'someone you hire'. In fact, on that day you don't think completely straight, but Dominick took us all the way through scenarios, lighting and moments of interactions. Dominick was with us all day and really captured the most beautiful moments that we still have the wow factor from. The combination of drone footage and beautiful b-rolls ultimately resulted in an unforgettable result, which is a lifetime for us. We have of course shared this with many people and we get the same answer every time. We have never seen such a wedding report. Dominick, thank you so much, you rock!

Maurice & Yo
Married in 2021

We got married on June 10 this year. Via Google we came to Dominick's site and then contacted him. We had telephone contact a few times during the preparations and discussed everything. We found the conversations professional and personal. We got the feeling that Dominick had thought about a lot of things and this showed on the day itself. We had a wonderful day where Dominick was quiet and cozy. He also made a fantastic film with the drone and captured the special moments. We first got the trailer and then the whole movie, to which we also had a lot of fun and emotional reactions. Very nice to relive the day that way and a very nice addition to the photos.

Hylkje & Sjoerd
Married in 2022


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